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Bonus Bug Fix (Save, Save and Close, and Cancel Issue)

You know how when you update to Joomla 3.4.1 and you can no longer save any of your Virtuemart products? Bummer, right?

That’s the one that had me going a couple days ago. There does seem to be a pretty simple solution, but it’s tucked somewhere in the Virtuemart forum where I just haven’t even been able to find it again to link to! My thanks to the hero that posted it, and if the link gets found I will certainly include it.

In the meantime, here’s the fix:

In the [yoursite]/administrator/components /com_virtuemart/views/product/tmpl/product_edit_price.php file, change these lines:

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_up’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_up][]’); ?>

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_down’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_down][]’); ?>



<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_up’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_up][0]’); ?>

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_down’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_down][0]’); ?>

Or just add those zeroes in the end brackets, that’s what does it.

You’ll find the lines at about 144 and 147 respectively.

This is a known bug, so here’s to hoping it’s fixed in the next update!

Virtuemart Product Search Issue

Have been busily upgrading some of my clients’ sites from Joomla 2.5.28 to Joomla and Virtumart 3. Wow, what a wild and bumpy ride! Just for the record, for the sites already upgraded, we are now up to Joomla 3.4.1 and Virtuemart

There are some great new features, and I’m sure someday I’ll grow to love it… for the moment however, every update seems to break something! Constant troubleshooting and researching bug-fixes is starting to make me grey.

There are so many issues popping up, that I have decided to hold off on some of my more complicated sites until the dust settles a little, and the newest versions of Joomla and Virtuemart stop bullying each other in the schoolyard and start playing nice again.

I’m going to try to address each issue in a separate post for easier organizing, so I’ll start with this one. On one site, the latest round of updates caused the product search to cease functioning. The template page would come up, with header, navigation and all that. There were no error codes, either in debug or in my logs. But the results were completely blank! Not, “item not found…” just blank.


So, after wasting more time than I’m proud of tearing my hair out and gnashing my teeth, I finally realized that the site in question uses a “Virtuemart Category” menu item, Top Level Category to display all the product categories on the front page. Obviously we don’t want all of the products to appear on the front page, so the “No” box was ticked under “Show products.”

Apparently, the search box now wants to go the the top level category page (I’m guessing in order to solve the past annoyance of getting stuck in whatever category you happened to be on at the time). So, using a menu item and setting it to show no products made the search stop working all together.

Solution: create another top level category menu item (I use an “Admin” menu that is not published to the front end of the site for such things) and set “Show Products” to “Yes!”