No Page Here, Move Along

I told you there was no page here. What did you click it for, huh?

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  • Welcome back to the Blogosphere…..

    As far as that address of female utopia, I dunno,I’m still looking for the address for the male utopia where “patriarchy” gives me a sense of entitlement and automatic wealth and prosperity….

  • Hi Stoner,
    Thanks for dropping by!
    I guess we’re all looking for a place where the blithe assumptions of others aren’t quite so bloody irritating.

  • keep on posting at Feminist Critics, you’ve made things a little more interesting.

  • I used to comment there constantly, but lately I have a very short attention span for righteous indignation. I can really only manage an occasional “drive by and stir shit up.” (generally after one or three too many beers)
    I do like that blog though. I find it one of the only truly open minded discussions on the topic.

  • hahahaha,

    Definitely one or three too many beers last evening……


  • hahahaha,

    I answered your question on Femenist Critics but they put it in moderation,ah, dropped the banhammer…..

    here it is:

    Stoner With a Boner
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 13, 2011 at 7:53 am


    Since you ask-I was banned from for using multiple accounts. The funniest thing was that they lost all the free content I gave them by writing reviews. So, specifically, at Goodmen, you can upset things by stating your opinions several times even though it is the same opinion–do this by responding to several comments. Voting a good vote on unpopular opinion (even if you disagree with them) Then leave a comment saying why is a divergent view being downvoted??? Thaddues did this for me.

    Of course there is also your excellent approach demonstrated above.

    Rock On!

    Stoner With a Boner

    [We are not in the business of helping people troll other sites. —ballgame]

    Freedom of Speech-Fuck Yeah!!!!!

  • LOL, thanks Stoner!
    It was a rhetorical question, I’m not really planning on going and trolling there. But you never know 😉

  • I don’t see why trolling is a bad thing, you learn more about a system by going against it than following with it….

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