Bonus Bug Fix (Save, Save and Close, and Cancel Issue)

You know how when you update to Joomla 3.4.1 and you can no longer save any of your Virtuemart products? Bummer, right?

That’s the one that had me going a couple days ago. There does seem to be a pretty simple solution, but it’s tucked somewhere in the Virtuemart forum where I just haven’t even been able to find it again to link to! My thanks to the hero that posted it, and if the link gets found I will certainly include it.

In the meantime, here’s the fix:

In the [yoursite]/administrator/components /com_virtuemart/views/product/tmpl/product_edit_price.php file, change these lines:

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_up’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_up][]’); ?>

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_down’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_down][]’); ?>



<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_up’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_up][0]’); ?>

<?php echo  vmJsApi::jDate ($this->product->allPrices[$this->product->selectedPrice][‘product_price_publish_down’], ‘mprices[product_price_publish_down][0]’); ?>

Or just add those zeroes in the end brackets, that’s what does it.

You’ll find the lines at about 144 and 147 respectively.

This is a known bug, so here’s to hoping it’s fixed in the next update!

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