ZoBabe Has an Epiphany

Happiness is a foot rub.

Now anyone who has ever had one can tell you, “I could have told you that!”

I had this epiphany because my darling child, who is always thisclose to sleep at bedtime, almost always needs one to put her over the edge. Thus sending her to dreamland, and opening up the rest of my evening to pointless posts like this.

But this time she actually said something that caused me to think about it. “I’m sleepy, and happy. Just… My feet aren’t comfortable.”

“Well, darling, no one’s feet are ever comfortable. That’s why we all spend so much time looking for foot rubs.”

Some of us think that taking care of another person’s financial situation is a foot rub… it’s not. And some of us think that giving emotional and practical support to one or more family members is a foot rub… it’s not.

And when people don’t get foot rubs in their adult lives, they get mean.

Just sayin…


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