ZoBabe Skulks Bravely Back Into The Blogosphere

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So, quite some time ago, I got a bit fed-up, and said “To Hell With This!” and deleted my blog. Figuring I was well rid of it, I let the domain lapse and proceeded to busy myself with other things.

Of course, after a time, and after one or two friends (the ones who resolutely hold out from assimilation into the facebook collective) asked where they might find an update on how I’m doing on-line, I figured, “Well, maybe that was a bit hasty.”

I mean, just ’cause I don’t feel like writing a whole lot does not mean I really need to throw the baby out with the bath water. And I do live far away from my home town, so giving the unfacebooked a place to come check in with me couldn’t hurt.

So, I went to go check on my neglected old domain zo-babble.com, and found it had been taken hostage by one of those annoying ad encrusted domain parking pages! G’ah!

Consoling myself with a few sour grapes (hyphens are annoying to type anyway) I picked up its closest relative, zobabble.com, and here I am. Not that I’m promising a whole lot. If I spend too much time blathering on around here, I’m afraid I could be caught out by those who know better what I should be doing with my time.

In closing, here’s a picture of some random stuff I already posted on facebook.


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