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Space Fish

ZoBabe’s Head in the Stars

Sometimes ZoBabe feels the urge to google photoshop tutorials and mess around. She also spends way too much time looking at artists’ renditions on various space blogs, since she finds the pictures soothing. So, she thinks, “why not waste some time on a Sunday afternoon combining these two internet fixations?”

Here is the result.

The tutorials can be found here.

Warning: It’s really fun, and there will probably be more of these posted here in the future 😉

A Gem in East Bali

The view from my room at Eka Purnama Cottages

Eka Purnama Cottages is a true gem in East Bali. With basic comfortable rooms, and a location that makes excellent use of any available breeze, I’m certain you won’t find anything better for the price.

The restaurant is lovely, and the food is excellent. I would highly recommend any of their fresh fish dishes! They keep a nice collection of well maintained masks and fins, so you can walk out the front door, cross the street, and explore the sunken Japanese vessel.  Swim a little further around the rocks for impressive anemone action.

Snorkeling in Amed is always a little touch and go, however. While you may get lucky and have a fantastic crystal clear view of a gorgeous reef teeming with life, it can also be a little choppy and murky. If snorkeling isn’t the absolute best when you arrive, you may consider a boat ride, or just relax and enjoy the laid back village atmosphere.

Internet and cell phone connectivity are kind of no go, which is part of the appeal for many! If you absolutely must connect, a hike up the hill will get you a few bars, and short motorbike ride will get you to a wireless hot spot.

Run with warmth and hospitality by George and Iluh, this is exactly the kind of place that dreams of running away to beach are made of.

Telephone: +62-828-372-2642