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Spring is in the Air at Sweet Skins

Spring Tees at Sweet Skins

Spring Tees at Sweet Skins!

One fabulous occurrence between the untimely demise and miraculous rebirth of my blog was a couple of very welcome and heartwarming visits from my beautiful sister Mira. Mira is, I suppose, my “San Francisco Twin,” a phrase I recently coined as short-hand for a step sibling in an extended family, with an age difference of less than a year.

While “step” is a useful word in clarifying one person’s relationship to another, it’s also a bit annoying and gets left out a lot in my family. So,  the seven month age difference raised an eyebrow or two while introducing Mira around when she came to see me.

But I digress, Mira is the talented designer and proprietress of Sweet Skins Organic Apparel, a truly wonderful organic fashion house in Eugene Oregon. And I spend way too much time on a computer, so naturally Mira put me to work preparing graphics for her e-letters.

This is one we particularly liked, and the deal is still on (for a short time). So, I figured I’d share it here too! You can get two classic Sweet Skins Tank Tees, in fresh spring colors, for only $70 at Sweet Skins!

Use the checkout code “SpringTees”



ZoBabe Skulks Bravely Back Into The Blogosphere

Little Lizard

Random Lizard Nonsense

So, quite some time ago, I got a bit fed-up, and said “To Hell With This!” and deleted my blog. Figuring I was well rid of it, I let the domain lapse and proceeded to busy myself with other things.

Of course, after a time, and after one or two friends (the ones who resolutely hold out from assimilation into the facebook collective) asked where they might find an update on how I’m doing on-line, I figured, “Well, maybe that was a bit hasty.”

I mean, just ’cause I don’t feel like writing a whole lot does not mean I really need to throw the baby out with the bath water. And I do live far away from my home town, so giving the unfacebooked a place to come check in with me couldn’t hurt.

So, I went to go check on my neglected old domain, and found it had been taken hostage by one of those annoying ad encrusted domain parking pages! G’ah!

Consoling myself with a few sour grapes (hyphens are annoying to type anyway) I picked up its closest relative,, and here I am. Not that I’m promising a whole lot. If I spend too much time blathering on around here, I’m afraid I could be caught out by those who know better what I should be doing with my time.

In closing, here’s a picture of some random stuff I already posted on facebook.